Apr 2, 2009

28 weeks

T-minus 84 days and counting.....

Although I hope I don't make it 84 more days.... :) More like anything over 70 but less than 84 days.

Another way to look at this is, 12 more weeks or less (hopefully not more) to go!

My Week 28 milestone: I actually updated my registry and added almost everything we still need to it. I'm sure my family will be shocked, awed, and amazed. And there's still 2 shopping days left before my shower! LOL.

(For those reading who don't know me in real life, I only say this because all of my family and close friends have been calling and emailing to ask where I am registered at, what do we still need, etc. I'm not grubbing for gifts here. I'm making a joke out of my procrastinating self finally having finished my registry. I have only told those who asked directly about my registry, or what we still need. I have not done anything drastic and greedy, like emailing a list of requested items to people who haven't asked. Anything we get at the shower is fine, even if it's only a "Congratulations" card. Being thought of is better than nothing, and if a basket full of cards is all we get, then at least we know we are loved and our child will be loved by our family and friends. So don't go leaving me any snarky, idiotic comments calling me greedy and telling me what a horrible mother I am for fishing for presents. Again, for the reading-impaired, I only gave this info to those who DIRECTLY requested it. Hopefully, another fiasco like some of the comments left on this post, over a simple remark about circumcision, will not occur here about my registry. If it does, rest assured I will be here to curse someone out next time. Just kidding. Maybe.)

Another week 28 milestone: While I can still wear my scrub bottoms to work, I have had to abandon the matching tops, due to the fact that it is becoming really difficult to get them off once they're on me. And I only have 3 pairs of scrub bottoms that still fit me comfortably.

Also, my beloved Calvin Klein jeans my grandmother bought me for Christmas over a year ago, are about to be stored in the back of my closet. Even though they are low-cut, and were ever so slightly too big for me pre-pregnancy, tonight they feel like I may never peel them back off of my body. They feel so tight on my lower stomach. I had to wear jeans because I didn't wash any of my scrub bottoms for tonight, and I also didn't ask Michael to wash any, either. When I woke up, I found that they were all dirty. So I washed them, and he dried them. No blue jeans for me tomorrow night! Although the extra support under my belly would be great if these pants weren't just a little too tight.


Rosie Lee Warner said...

Have you watched the circumcision video yet? Isn't your child's health more important than updating your baby registry?

Priorities. I hope you have them.

Patricia said...

Have you pulled your nose out of other's decisions yet? Isn't minding your own more important than being a nosy busy-body?

Manners, I hope you find some.

Patricia said...

And by the way, I was talking about my registry instead of circumcision because my baby shower was in a couple of days when I posted this, and some of my family members, who READ MY BLOG REGULARLY, had been asking about my registry. The easiest way to let my family all know at once what's going on sometimes is to update my blog.

Considering my baby shower was two days away, and circumcising or not circumcising my child is twelve weeks away, I chose to talk about my registry. If you don't like it, you know what to do. STOP READING. It's really that simple. Now go away. You bother me. I find you annoying for the comment you left.

And have a freakin' nice day.

London Belle said...

Well, sis, while you hope Rosie Lee Warner finds some manners, I hope she follows the Scarecrow's idea and finds the Wizard of Oz and asks for a brain. She apparently can't understand what you talk about on here unless it gives her a reason to ACT LIKE A CHILD and constantly bug you about ONE THING that you have already talked about on here. Does she really think you post just for her? I check to see if you have updated just about every time I get online because I WANT to be involved, not be an ABSOLUTE IDIOT about everything and do nothing but try to get a response out of you. You know she's only doing this to get the reaction she wants out of you, right? It's just like middle school b.s. all over again. & to think, she makes herself out to be "an educated adult." HA! That's a laugh.