Mar 23, 2009

The third trimester is rapidly approaching!

That's right, when I arrive at work Monday night, I will still be in the second trimester. When I go home Tuesday morning, I will be officially two thirds of the way done with being pregnant with this child!!!!!!!! ***SQUEEE**** I just looked up the exact day for the "swap" and it is March 24. I can't wait to tell my darling husband. This news is sure to instill heart-stopping fear in him for a moment, just like it did me. LOL. Not fear of birth, or raising a child, not even fear, really. More like a, "Holy crap, it's almost done! Soon I'll be at home on maternity leave, doing our final prep for baby! Yay!" kinda heart-stopping moment. For Michael, I have the feeling that when I tell him he's going to give me that deer-in-headlights look, like, "Oh crap, what have we done?!?" That's the look I got when I told him we were halfway there. Then again when we had four months left. Then again when... You get the picture.

I try to keep him up-to-date on how quickly this is approaching, because quite frankly, I have to stop every once in a while and think about how soon this will come to a close on the pregnancy chapters. It's amazing to me how quicky this is passing. To think, by the time Mike is here, it will have been a year since this whole thing started for us. Seems like yesterday we were calling everyone to share the good news. Then yesterday that we were seeing him for the first time, and hearing the heartbeat for the first time, then finding out the gender.... I'm ready for him to be here (on time, not this early!), but at the same time I don't want the pregnancy to be over.

I enjoy this. Right now, I am the only person on earth that knows every move he makes. He can't move without me knowing it (if I'm awake). I am the one he depends solely on for nourishment, oxygen, and so much more. I can sit at work and rub his head if I want. I feel bad that Michael can't possibly know what this feels like. I wonder if he's jealous of the fact that I get to participate so much more in this pregnancy than he can. I try hard to make sure he's as included as he can be. I have left some decisions, such as circumcision and decor of the nursery and the name, entirely up to him (or at least just as up to him as it was me), since I have no real preference and I hope it makes him feel more involved than just providing the sperm that got our child here.

For instance, he decided he wants our children circumcised. I let the decision entirely up to him. Our son will be circumcised in the hospital, before we go home. The nursery ended up blue and brown, after Michael saw how beautiful the baby stuff at BabiesRUs looked. We had decided on crimson and white, but when he saw the blue and brown and asked in the store if we could get that instead, I told him yes. (Besides, blue and brown is one of my absolute favorite combinations!) I told Michael I wanted to name our son after him, but that if he didn't want to, we would chose a different name. He insisted we name him Junior, so Junior it is.

I digress. Second trimester over. Third timester starts Tuesday. Wow. How cool is that? Somewhere between eleven and fifteen weeks from now, and our son will be here. (Hopefully no sooner than that, but within that range, the sooner the better!)


obbermi said...

You son's sexual future is very important. He may have a preference different from dad's. Once you circumcise, there's no going back. If you research it, you'll probably realize this is a decision for you son to make for himself, not something to help dad feel involved.

Read what Dr. Sears says. Them research further.

obbermi said...

BTW, congratulations on your upcoming arrival!

K said...

I totally agree with obbermi. Circumcision really shouldn't be a parent's decision. It's not you body, it's your son's. It's not your husband's body, it's your son's.

Therefore it really should be his decision.

Your mother said...

A link to your blog is being discussed over at

What kind of mother doesn't care if her son is circumcised? Do the research and stop being so lazy.

London Belle said...

First off, to obbermi, she didn't say she told her husband he could decide the matter of circumcision just to let him feel more involved. She gave him the choice because, as a male, he knows more about it.

To K, if you wait until the boy is old enough to understand the decision, I'm sure it would cause him more physical pain if he decided to be circumcised than if it happened while he's still a newborn. I can't imagine how it would feel if someone was to snip away skin down there. The thought itself kinda hurts.

And to "your mother"...I don't know if you like to spam up people's comments but find a way to make them fit the post or if you really did mean what you said, but how can you call her lazy when you don't even know what she does everyday? Do you know how many hours she works? Or what kind of work she does? If you did, you wouldn't say she's lazy. I can promise you right now that she is one of the very least lazy people I've EVER known. And DO NOT make it sound like she's not a good mother. "What kind of mother doesn't care..." implies that she's a bad mother for not having a preference. Did you ever stop to think why she doesn't? Because she doesn't have first-hand experience with it since she's a woman.

At least obbermi had the decency to congratulate her rather than only berating her for her exercising her right as a parent to make choices for her child, which, in case you didn't know, is what EVERY parent does.

I am very proud of her for what she is doing, and not just with this child. All of you could learn quite a few things from this woman and be better because of it.

Your mother said...

Who cares how many hours she works? Seriously, that is no excuse!

A real mother would research the pros and cons of cutting off part of her son's penis.

Too busy for research? Then let the owner of the penis decide for himself.

I cannot learn anything from a "mother" who cannot be bothered with educating herself about the basics.

Helen H David said...

Well, "Your mother", I AM her mother, and I think you need to change your user name. And how dare you imply that she isn't a real mother, and put "mother" in quotation marks. You are judging someone you don't even know. And who asked you for your damn opinion anyway? And no, you probably can't learn anything from her. It would be hard to do with such a closed mind.
I'm glad there are no religious beliefs about circumcision involved in this post, but if there were, what would you say then? Criticize her beliefs? Did you even take that option into consideration before you left your rude comments? Just because the post doesn't mention them might mean that it's nothing that she feels she needs to share on this blog.
I have a few more things I could discuss, but I think I'll wait until you make the bad decision to comment on this post again.