Aug 31, 2011

New post on my other blog

Hey, y'all. I've posted a new entry on my other blog, . You're all invited to run over and check it out.

I've decided to focus my efforts on that blog as I get myself back into the habit of blogging. My personal life caused quite a turmoil for a while, which made even finding time to blog near impossible.

Hopefully before too long I can begin to update this blog, at least on a semi-regular basis.

And yes, I know my link above is crappy. I forgot how to make it all purrtiful, and I'm blogging from my phone. It's also after 2AM, so waaay past my bedtime. All that combines to equal I'm too lazy to figure out how to make it purrty right now. But I promise to do so before I post my next link. Even if I have to get my lovely seester to tell me how. (Hi, Belle. Love ya sissy!)

Anyway, come on over to my other home if you'd like. The door's open, just come on in.