Feb 26, 2009

A joke - How you know when you've been married too long

I found this on a blog I stumbled upon. The blog is http://viznine.blogspot.com/. Caution: I have not explored this blog, so I cannot guarantee the content. From first glance, it looks OK.

Now that credit has been given, on with the joke:

Three women -- one engaged, one married and one a mistress --- are chatting about their relationships and decided to amaze their men. All three buy black leather bras " stiletto heels, and masks for their eyes.
After a few days, they meet over lunch to compare notes.

The engaged women says:

The other night when my boyfriend came over, he found me in the black leather bodice, tall stilettos, and a mask. He said, "you are the woman of my life. I love you". Then we made love all night long.

The mistress says:

I met my lover at his office and I was wearing the leather bodice, heels, mask over my eyes and a raincoat. When I opened the raincoat, he didn't say a word -- but we had wild sex all night.

The married woman says:

I sent the kids to my mother's house all excited about having alone time with my husband. Had the lights dim, candles going, I was wearing the leather bodice, black stockings, stilettos heels and a mask over my eyes. As soon as he came to the door and saw me and said,
"What's for dinner, BATMAN

Crib is in

Hopefully, it will be up this weekend. I will post pics of Mike's room when we get the crib put together. So happy! Now the only piece of furniture missing is our glider and ottoman, to be ordered later.

Free Movie Rental from RedBox

At work, a discussion was had about the new RedBox DVD rental kiosks that have been popping up at Walmart and McDonalds locations near here. I hopped online to see what the deal was, since none of us had tried them. Sounds like a cool concept. DVDs are $1 per DVD per night. Rental is with a debit card. Movies are due back at 9pm the next night. Late fee is $1 per movie per night, to be charged to the debit card used to rent the movie. Movies can be returned at any kiosk. So I can pick up a movie in Ardmore when we go to visit the in-laws (since we usually stop at McD's, which has a kiosk there) and return it later at Walmart in Athens. Selection near where I live is kinda slim, but for a small town it's pretty decent. You can hop online to find the nearest kiosk, reserve movies (rental fee starts when movie reservation is confirmed, so don't reserve too far in advance of pickup), or browse selection of an individual kiosk.

Also, (the free part) if you sign up for emails from RedBox, they'll send you a free rental code good for one movie for signing up, a weekly email, and promo codes at an unspecified rate. If you sign up for SMS text messages on your cell phone, you get a promo code every Monday. Go to to sign up or for more details on how the kiosk works. Be sure to read the FAQs under the Help section for more info on how RedBox works.

To me, this RedBox thing sounds like a cheap date night. Or cheap family fun night. Whichever you prefer. Even cheaper with the free promo codes! As a side note, my sister-in-law has tried it, and seems to like it OK.

Feb 18, 2009

Armoire is up!

So, I convinced my husband (no big amount of convincing necessary) that we needed to carry the armoire up the stairs, piece by piece. So he carried it all up for me. We got it put together, and it looks great. The only problem is, the stupid holes pre-drilled for the cam locks were too big, so we had problems trying to get them to stay attached. I'm going to have to glue some of the pieces together. Mainly, the drawer fronts to the drawers. Then it should be good to go.

We're still waiting on our crib. And we still need to steam clean Michael's recliner, which is already in the room waiting to be cleaned. Other than that, we're well on track to get all this done before June. :) I may whip this procrastination thing I have going yet! Probably not, but it does make me feel better to think of all the work we accomplished while I was off work.

I had the coolest thought today. The baskets I bought at Babies R Us during our mega shopping session worked perfectly in the armoire. I had room left over on each shelf inside it, but not enough for more baskets that size. I have lots of little stuff already that I need somewhere to store. I have these little boes with drawers in them for my sewing stuff that I will use one day. I tried one, and it worked well.

So after measuring the space left inside the armoire, off to Big Lots we went. I wanted to get four more cases of the G2 type Gatorade, which Big Lots was selling for $6 each. No Gatorade in the store. They're out of it. :( But they DID have the little organizers with drawers, like you would buy from Walmart for your desk, etc. They will be perfect inside the armoire for feeding spoons, thermometers, nasal aspirators, etc. until we actually need them. So I bought 2 little ones and 2 big ones.

While there, I also bought more scrapbooking stuff (that stuff is addictive), a baby blanket, a few onesies, an infant toy that makes noise and such.... And to think, all I wanted was some Gatorade that they didn't even have! LOL.

Some of our friends asked Michael why we were doing a nursery when the baby won't be in there much. The answer is: BECAUSE WE CAN and BECAUSE I WANT TO! They think we're nuts for doing so much in there, when the baby will be sleeping in our room for at least the first several months. Whatever. My money, my house, my child. They can bite me. Really, I don't mind them asking. It doesn't really make sense for us to do all this. Until you realize that we will may be moving our room upstairs sometime in the future (according to my loving, incorrect husband). I would rather add on to our house, and then not have to worry about moving upstairs. We'll see.

Enough writing for now. Dinner should be ready. Tonight, chili. Mainly because I haven't frozen the ground beef we bought yesterday, so I didn't have to thaw anything at 6:00 to cook dinner. Love to all.

Feb 16, 2009

Belly pic - 20 weeks 2 days

Been meaning to post this for over a week now. Lori took it on Feb. 6 when she was at my house. I'm going to be huge by June! Makes me glad I haven't bought a bunch of maternity clothes yet. They wouldn't fit by the end of this pregnancy.

Without further ado, my glorious, already big belly. And don't even try to say it's not. I have already misplaced my toes. So don't even try to lie and say I'm not that big yet. Trust me, this picture does not do my belly justice. It's obvious to strangers, even when I wear a t-shirt, that there's more in there than Quizno's and chocolate cake. Lori's mom predicts a good eight pounder or more if this keeps up. At least it appears he'll be a good healthy weight at birth.

Today, I am 21 weeks and 4 days along. This leaves 129 days until my due date. This morning, my weight was 155.8. This makes a total weight gain of 11.2 pounds. According to the American Pregnancy Association, total weight gain so far should be 9 to 19 pounds, so I guess I'm right on track. I'm not holding my breath, though. I bet I make up for being in the lower half of this "normal" range before delivery. :) As long as I'm somewhere in this band, and Roberta says all is well, I guess that's good enough. This also means I can continue with my daily chocolate cake time, too.

Out of the last 8 days, I've worked in the baby's room for at least a few hours a day (most days, several hours) every day except Valentine's day. I was tired, so we took the day off. So far, we have washed the walls (Michael has become OCD about this. He's washed them once with me, and probably three more times solo.), cleaned the carpet I hate so much (want to put down hard wood if we have the money in the budget right now), put together a shelf/drawer set we bought at Lowe's, put together the changing table, hung new curtains and blinds, organized all our baby stuff in the furniture we have so far, put up a new ceiling fan and light in the dormer, put up a new light in the hall at the top of the stairs, hung a shelf in the bathroom upstairs, and painted shapes (circles, stars and ovals) to go on the walls. Today we hung most of the shapes. I kept several to use to fill in the walls after we pick up our armoire (waiting at Wal-mart right now) and crib (somewhere in "shipped" land, between the warehouse and store) and hang the wooden letters we bought to spell out the baby's name on the wall above the crib. Tomorrow we will go grocery shopping and pick up our 140 pound armoire that has to go upstairs before we put it together. Hopefully I can convince my husband that we need to open it and take it up a couple of pieces at a time. Michael and Bobby had a rough time with getting the changing table upstairs in the box, and it was 30+ pounds lighter.

Well, time for bed. I don't have to go back to work until Friday morning. 14 days off is nice. :)

Feb 6, 2009

A preview of the baby stuff bought today

Ok, so I jumped on the 'net to "approptiate" some pics as a preview of today's aquisitions. Without further ado, the pictures.

Our lamp.

We bought only the blanket from this set. We didn't bother with the rest. I'm creating our own set, from pieces from here and there.

And we got this blanket.

More to come later!

Bought stuff for our nursery today.....

So, we got our income ta refund deposited today. We used it to buy baby stuff. When we got to Babies R Us and Michael saw all the beautiful blue and brown stuff, he asked if we could change the colors of the nursery. SO guess what? Since I LOVE the color combination already (I want to do our bedroom in blue and brown), we changes our minds. So now everything will be blue and brown. We got blankets, sheets, baskets, clothes, stroller, carseat, high chair, playpen, swing, and I don't know what all else. We spent over $900 there. Three buggies later, the back seat and cargo area of our car were full. I'll post pics later, after I unpack everything and put it all together.

Then we came home, balanced the checkbook so I wouldn't forget, and ordered our furniture. Over $800 of furniture. Pics to come of that, too. I'll have to go swipe the ones off the website, since I have to wait for all of that to be shipped.

Michael had a cool idea for the walls. We aren't painting them. He wants to take 8 or 10 inch strips of wood and paint it blue. Then stencil on a brown pattern TBD. Then put it up on the walls about halfway up, kinda like a really wide chair rail. He thinks this will give the walls some much-needed color. I agree. So we'll be doing that, after I find stencils I like.

Since we changed the colors of the nursery, I guess the red carpet has to go. Yay! I hate that carpet. Later we'll be putting down hardwood like we already have downstairs. I want to do both bedrooms upstairs like that anyway, so this will be a good excuse to get one of them done.

Pics of all the new stuff to come later. We need to wash the walls and steam clean the carpet before we unpack everything and put it all together. Maybe a few days or more before we get all that done. Michael doesn't want to be tripping over everything while we clean. Can't say I blame him. And yes, we're going to go ahead and steam clean the carpet, because it'll be a few months before we rip it up, and we con't want all our nice, new baby stuff to smell from the smells trapped in the carpet. Stupid dog and his habit of peeing and pooping in the house at night. That room will now be off-limits to the little ankle biter!

Feb 5, 2009

Attention: My sister has made a request....

So she got her own tag for my blog. There you go Seester. Happy Birthday. Now I don't have to buy you anything, 'cause you are important enough to have your own tag! Aren't you special??? :)

Feb 4, 2009

Today is special......

Because it's Wednesday! This means tomorrow is the last day I have to work until I have TWO WEEKS OFF!!!

Just kidding. Happy 21st Birthday, Little Sis! I love you!