Feb 26, 2009

Free Movie Rental from RedBox

At work, a discussion was had about the new RedBox DVD rental kiosks that have been popping up at Walmart and McDonalds locations near here. I hopped online to see what the deal was, since none of us had tried them. Sounds like a cool concept. DVDs are $1 per DVD per night. Rental is with a debit card. Movies are due back at 9pm the next night. Late fee is $1 per movie per night, to be charged to the debit card used to rent the movie. Movies can be returned at any kiosk. So I can pick up a movie in Ardmore when we go to visit the in-laws (since we usually stop at McD's, which has a kiosk there) and return it later at Walmart in Athens. Selection near where I live is kinda slim, but for a small town it's pretty decent. You can hop online to find the nearest kiosk, reserve movies (rental fee starts when movie reservation is confirmed, so don't reserve too far in advance of pickup), or browse selection of an individual kiosk.

Also, (the free part) if you sign up for emails from RedBox, they'll send you a free rental code good for one movie for signing up, a weekly email, and promo codes at an unspecified rate. If you sign up for SMS text messages on your cell phone, you get a promo code every Monday. Go to to sign up or for more details on how the kiosk works. Be sure to read the FAQs under the Help section for more info on how RedBox works.

To me, this RedBox thing sounds like a cheap date night. Or cheap family fun night. Whichever you prefer. Even cheaper with the free promo codes! As a side note, my sister-in-law has tried it, and seems to like it OK.

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Heather - A day in the life... said...

Thank you so much for this great post! We use RedBox all the time, but I didn't know that you could look online to reserve movies. There are only two in our small town and they are on the other side of town (of course) so that is a great tip!