Feb 4, 2009

Today is special......

Because it's Wednesday! This means tomorrow is the last day I have to work until I have TWO WEEKS OFF!!!

Just kidding. Happy 21st Birthday, Little Sis! I love you!


London Belle said...

Awww, thank ya! :) I love you too!

So two weeks off--does that mean I can bring Seth out to meet you & da hubby the next day we have off together? :) I'm pretty excited. It should be the funniest thing I've witnessed in a WHILE. Hahaha.

<3 you.

London Belle said...

Ayy...& there's no tag on this one. Am I not special enough for a tag of my own?? :/

Love you still. I guess. ;)

Ooh, I just did this post on Facebook. Imma have to email it to you. It's kinda funny. Stuff about my forehead & your pinky toe is in there. :P