Feb 18, 2009

Armoire is up!

So, I convinced my husband (no big amount of convincing necessary) that we needed to carry the armoire up the stairs, piece by piece. So he carried it all up for me. We got it put together, and it looks great. The only problem is, the stupid holes pre-drilled for the cam locks were too big, so we had problems trying to get them to stay attached. I'm going to have to glue some of the pieces together. Mainly, the drawer fronts to the drawers. Then it should be good to go.

We're still waiting on our crib. And we still need to steam clean Michael's recliner, which is already in the room waiting to be cleaned. Other than that, we're well on track to get all this done before June. :) I may whip this procrastination thing I have going yet! Probably not, but it does make me feel better to think of all the work we accomplished while I was off work.

I had the coolest thought today. The baskets I bought at Babies R Us during our mega shopping session worked perfectly in the armoire. I had room left over on each shelf inside it, but not enough for more baskets that size. I have lots of little stuff already that I need somewhere to store. I have these little boes with drawers in them for my sewing stuff that I will use one day. I tried one, and it worked well.

So after measuring the space left inside the armoire, off to Big Lots we went. I wanted to get four more cases of the G2 type Gatorade, which Big Lots was selling for $6 each. No Gatorade in the store. They're out of it. :( But they DID have the little organizers with drawers, like you would buy from Walmart for your desk, etc. They will be perfect inside the armoire for feeding spoons, thermometers, nasal aspirators, etc. until we actually need them. So I bought 2 little ones and 2 big ones.

While there, I also bought more scrapbooking stuff (that stuff is addictive), a baby blanket, a few onesies, an infant toy that makes noise and such.... And to think, all I wanted was some Gatorade that they didn't even have! LOL.

Some of our friends asked Michael why we were doing a nursery when the baby won't be in there much. The answer is: BECAUSE WE CAN and BECAUSE I WANT TO! They think we're nuts for doing so much in there, when the baby will be sleeping in our room for at least the first several months. Whatever. My money, my house, my child. They can bite me. Really, I don't mind them asking. It doesn't really make sense for us to do all this. Until you realize that we will may be moving our room upstairs sometime in the future (according to my loving, incorrect husband). I would rather add on to our house, and then not have to worry about moving upstairs. We'll see.

Enough writing for now. Dinner should be ready. Tonight, chili. Mainly because I haven't frozen the ground beef we bought yesterday, so I didn't have to thaw anything at 6:00 to cook dinner. Love to all.

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