Feb 6, 2009

Bought stuff for our nursery today.....

So, we got our income ta refund deposited today. We used it to buy baby stuff. When we got to Babies R Us and Michael saw all the beautiful blue and brown stuff, he asked if we could change the colors of the nursery. SO guess what? Since I LOVE the color combination already (I want to do our bedroom in blue and brown), we changes our minds. So now everything will be blue and brown. We got blankets, sheets, baskets, clothes, stroller, carseat, high chair, playpen, swing, and I don't know what all else. We spent over $900 there. Three buggies later, the back seat and cargo area of our car were full. I'll post pics later, after I unpack everything and put it all together.

Then we came home, balanced the checkbook so I wouldn't forget, and ordered our furniture. Over $800 of furniture. Pics to come of that, too. I'll have to go swipe the ones off the website, since I have to wait for all of that to be shipped.

Michael had a cool idea for the walls. We aren't painting them. He wants to take 8 or 10 inch strips of wood and paint it blue. Then stencil on a brown pattern TBD. Then put it up on the walls about halfway up, kinda like a really wide chair rail. He thinks this will give the walls some much-needed color. I agree. So we'll be doing that, after I find stencils I like.

Since we changed the colors of the nursery, I guess the red carpet has to go. Yay! I hate that carpet. Later we'll be putting down hardwood like we already have downstairs. I want to do both bedrooms upstairs like that anyway, so this will be a good excuse to get one of them done.

Pics of all the new stuff to come later. We need to wash the walls and steam clean the carpet before we unpack everything and put it all together. Maybe a few days or more before we get all that done. Michael doesn't want to be tripping over everything while we clean. Can't say I blame him. And yes, we're going to go ahead and steam clean the carpet, because it'll be a few months before we rip it up, and we con't want all our nice, new baby stuff to smell from the smells trapped in the carpet. Stupid dog and his habit of peeing and pooping in the house at night. That room will now be off-limits to the little ankle biter!

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