Mar 23, 2009

Organizing update

Since I finished setting up my new file box, I have been slowly getting all the loose paper around my house filed. Saturday afternoon before work, I filed a pretty big pile of paperwork from stuff like our pool, cordless drills, toaster, coffer maker, etc. That got some of the pile of paper out of my office cabinet filed. I felt pretty good about that. I spent about 30 minutes on it. Sunday I didn't do any. Instead, I read the newspaper so I could go ahead and throw it out.

Also Saturday, I moved a few items around in my office cabinet (my two new reams of paper) so I could store Granny's scrapbooks in it before someone spills their drink on it or something..... She's kill me if that happend. So far it hasn't, but I've been growing more uneasy every day about taking the risk with them laying out on my desk. My dear, darling husband is notorious for accidentally pouring (OK, spilling) his drink into my computer keyboard. Problem solved, potential for accident minimized. For now.

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