Mar 1, 2009

Snow and illness

We woke this morning to snow! And not just a few flakes, either. Although the snow on the ground had already melted, there were still three and four foot high snowmen standing in my neighborhood at 1:00 this afternoon. Poor Chris, we didn't go out and play in it. That kid is seriously deprived. Instead, I made pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Then he played Wii.

While I was cooking, we went out and gathered up a huge bowl full of snow for making snow cream. Mmmmmm. Michael woke up, still sick, around 5 AM, and said it was snowing big, wet flakes at that time. Apparently, it came down pretty hard. At 9 AM, when he woke me up, it had already stopped and there were a few inches on the ground and cars. I'm not a cold-weather person, so I went out in it just long enough to gather up the bowl of snow. Then later, just long enough to make it into the car and take Chris home.

While we were gone taking him home, I was afflicted with what I presume to be whatever Michael and Bobby are/were sick with. My head felt like I had enough sinus pressure built up in it to explode. It started throbbing. So far, no fever. Michael said his fever broke very early this morning (like, 4 or 5 AM). Right now, we're both curled up on the couch under a pile of blankets. We thought we were both just sick, because we couldn't keep warm, even under blankets and comforters. Then some of Michael's friends came over, and told us that it really was that cold in our house. It seems our central unit is screwed again. We have it set on 75, and yet it's only 62 degrees in our house. So we pulled out the space heaters. Great. Sick, cold, and a screwed up heater. Lovely. We'll be calling the company that installed our unit tomorrow.

Hopefully, I won't progress to being as sick as Michael. If I am, I'll be calling in to work in the morning. We'll see.

And thanks to both of us feeling crappy, our baby bed, which we picked up Friday evening, is still sitting in the room upstairs, unpacked but in pieces. hopefully, next weekend it'll be put together. Maybe. I know there's no way I'm going to mess with it, the way I feel. At least we still have three and a half months to get it up. :)

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Helen H David said...

Hope you get to feeling better, sweetie.