Mar 27, 2009

Blitz-it Friday #2

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I am participating in Blitz-it Friday hosted by Organized Everyday whenever I can. One more small step toward an organized house, ya know? I missed Blitz-it Friday #1, but that's OK. I wouldn't have gotten it done, anyway, since I worked night shift last weekend.

Since I had to work today, I blitzed yesterday. I worked on organizing my kitchen cabinets. They weren't horrible, I supposed, but they bothered me. And people in my house keep eating the food and snacks I buy for me to take to work. Or they'll eat something I have planned for dinner. Then they feel bad when I get on them about it, which isn't exactly fair.

In the interest of fairness to them and keeping my food for me, I went through all of my kitchen cabinets that store food. I took out all of "my" food, as well as all the dinner ingredients I have planned meals around. I put them all on one side of my kitchen, in two cabinets, in a semi-organized fashion (meaning all of "my" food is together, and everything else is grouped by "food in a box" or "food in a can".

I took all the food that has no specific purpose other than "someone" eating it when they want a snack, or I'm not home to cook, etc. and put it in the other cabinets, on the other side of my kitchen. I grouped these into a cabinet of meal-type foods (cans of soup, canned pasta, etc.) and snack food (cereal, popcorn, etc.).

I took all of the kitchen appliances, storage boxes, canisters, etc. and put them in a cabinet, which will also house 2 liters of drinks, sugar for tea, garbage bags (the cabinet is right beside the can, more convenient than across the kitchen in the drawer full of aluminum foil and such), chips, etc.

I actually worked on this for about 3 hours, off and on, while I made a menu for all of April and part of May, using up as much as I can from my stash of canned veggies and rice mixes. I actually went through the dinner ingredients, took out what I had already planned on, made a list of what was left, and found a day to eat it on. We're trying to save a little extra money before the baby is born, so I'm trying to cut down on grocery expenses by using what we have, taking advantage of sales, and using coupons when I can.

My next blitz will be finishing the kitchen cabinets. I still have the cabinets holding my dishes, mixing bowls, and cookware left to do. I hope to get to blitz sometime next week, if not Friday. Monday I am going grocery shopping, and I have to sit down and pay bills (yuck....). I have to work night shift Tuesday through Thursday nights. I have to pick up the keys to the community center for my baby shower Friday afternoon. My shower is Saturday. Maybe Monday after grocery shopping? I can come home, unload the car, put up the perishable items, blitz those cabinets, then organize the canned goods. I can use my breaks during the blitz to pay bills. Sounds like my plan!


Organizing Mommy said...

Wow! You've taken blitzing to a whole new level. Don't throw yourself into premature labor. I understand those "nesting" months make blitzing a necessity. Good job on everything. Thanks for participating.

Contemplative Mom said...

What a great idea to reorganize your cupboards to better fit your processes! You got so much done. I don't know if I could work for three hours! Great job!

Shannon H said...

I agree, WOW! Great job!

Patricia said...

Ladies, thank you for yuor kind words, but the three hours included many breaks to sit and rest. I was counting the breaks along with actual working time. I actually worked a total of about an hour and a half, including sitting while making my menus and grocery list. I should have made that more clear, I suppose. Thank you!

London Belle said...

Hey sis, I just wanted to let you know that there's two ladies from our town that somehow find GREAT deals at various places. You can check them out at They were featured in our local newspaper recently. That's how I found them. :) They apparently used coupons & other things like that to buy a week's worth of groceries for like $5 & saved over $60...or something like that. You'll have to check out that article on the newspaper's website.

Thought you might be interested :)