Mar 12, 2009

My To-Do List for the next seven days

Starting tomorrow, I have seven whole days off from work. And a lot to do around the house. It sucks that it'll be raining, but maybe I need a week of rain to keep me in the house.

I seriously need to declutter my whole house and finish unpacking all the boxes before the baby gets here.

So, in the interest of "maybe-I'll-get-more-done-if-I-hold-myself-accountable-here", here's my to-do list:

1.) Call Granddaddy to wish him a happy birthday.
2.) Throw a frozen pizza-or-something in the oven for dinner.

1.) Sleep until at least 8 AM. (sooooo tired from working this week)
2.) Possibly take our friend Sherry to Huntsville to the doctor for her 12PM appointment (Chopper has to go to B'ham for an appointment with one of his doctors, so he can't take her).
3.) Quick clean through the whole house (dishes, laundry, sweep, etc.)
4.) Cook something for dinner (TBD what exactly that would be)

1.) Robbie's birthday (need gift suggestions???? Anybody????? Email them to me please.)

The rest of the week:
1.) Clean off kitchen table.
2.) Go through the two totes and several boxes of stuff in my kitchen. Toss anything I don't need and can't give away.
3.) Clean out office supply cabinet. Organize contents.
4.) Clean desk.
5.) Clean off some of my stuff on my old desktop to try to get it to run better. Burn files to disk or transfer to laptop for access or organizing.
6.) Clean out stuff beside upright freezer. Buy a shelf for the things I'm keeping (paper towels, toilet paper, kleenex, laundry supplies, etc.).
7.) Clean fridge.
8.) Clean out kitchen cabinets. Clean on top, too.
9.) Clean oven?? (If I can stand the cleaner - Fume-Free but still, sometimes it bothers me.)
10.) Clean my poor, filthy, no-hope-for-it microwave.
11.) Scrub stove top and sink with Barkeeper's Friend.
12.) Clean windows in kitchen and dining room. Wash curtains while I'm at it. Dust blinds, too.
13.) Scrub kitchen and dining room floor. They're so nasty, even mopping leaves them dirty. Clean baseboard and cabinet kick plates while I'm there.
14.) Put together baby bed. Wash linens for bed and put them on it.
15.) Finish hanging wall art in baby's room, since what I have left has been reserved to center over crib and fill in gaps in wall.
16.) Take belly pic and pics of baby's room. Post all to blog and Photobucket.

17.) Buy some clothes I actually fit into. (Involves a trip to either Madison Square Mall - torture - or Bridge Street - torture, plus I don't know how to get there - because no one in Athens sells maternity clothes.)
18.) Clean out my dresser and closet (at least the clothes portion, preferably the boxes, too). Then have Michael clean out his closet and dresser.
19.) Clean off my bedside table.
20.) Finish blue and brown blanket (already done crocheting, just need to finish adding tassel fringe on both ends).
21.) Buy new porch lights for Michael to hang.
22.) Buy a coffee table and new end table for living room so I can give Bobby my old end table as promised, since he already has the one I didn't have room for after we bought the new couch. And since we've already bought the new rug for the floor.
23.) Clean off the entertainment center in my bedroom.
24.) Get three rolls of film developed. Have them loaded onto disks so I can archive them without having to scan each picture.
25.) Set up my new scanner and pics I'm working on on the kitchen table, which has been designated "My Future Scanning/Scrapbooking Table" by Michael.
26.) Work on scanning Granny's scrapbooks so I can give them back to her.
27.) Clean under my bed.
28.) Update calendar.
29.) Scan photos and archive on CDs after sorting.
30.) Clean recliner.
31.) Clean under bathroom sink.
32.) Clean under kitchen sink.
33.) Organize doctor's statements and BCBS EOBs for easy access and filing on HCSA (before April 2). (actual deadline is April 15th, but I procrastinate, hence the earlier date, to motivate me).
34.)Fill up donation boxes as I go through each to-do on this list.
35.) Clean pictures in the living room and bedroom. Dust furniture and knick-knacks.
36.) Pull up carpet upstairs and down the stairs (Michael to help with this one).
37.) Clean ceiling fans. Clean cobwebs from ceilings.
38.) Menu planning and grocery shopping.
39.) Pantry/fridge/freezer inventory.
40.) Thank you notes for shower gifts.
41.) Pre-register at hospital.
42.) Haircut.
43.) Transfer docs to Google Docs.
44.) Glider assembly.
45.) Order breast pump.
46.) Buy bras.

This is a general to-do list, I don't really expect that I'll be able to get it all done in 7 days, even with Michael's help. [So no having a fit over how long it is, MOM... :) ] But at least I can keep up with my list and update what's done as it goes. And add to it as I need to.


London Belle said...


1 - Robbie said he wants a new mic for his computer to record his raps OR money. I think someone should buy him a cake. Mom can't. She's spent enough on him in the last week anyway. & I bought him two hats today for his birthday. Hint, hint to you too.

2 - I would LOVE to go with you to shop for maternity clothes. We haven't spent much time together just the two of us & I MISS YOUUU SEEEESTERRRR! :)


London Belle said...

Oh, & I would even agree to spending a couple nights at your house & helping you out with some non-cleaning stuff. You know how I am.

I'm good at taking pictures... lol.