Mar 12, 2009

A declutter Challenge for tomorrow

Tomorrow We're Decluttering (Organising Queen's Blog)

Declutter your blog feed reader of blogs you don't particularly read AND bookmarked favorite websites you don't use. So, if I make a folder under "My Documents" to store ones I check occasionally, but not a lot, does that count? LOL. Hopefully, I'll get around to this one. I also probably need to file my favorites that I actually use that haven't been filed under category folders yet, for easier access and a neater Favorites list.

I am almost POSITIVE my mother (**hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge**) could probably use this challenge, too. I've seen her blog rolls and links listed on the sidebars of her blogs. Way worse than mine. And my blogger feed is the only feed reader I use, so HA! I only have one feed to declutter.

Whenever I get to do this (sometime in the next seven days) I'll post my results.

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