Apr 15, 2009

Holy Braxton Hicks, Batman!!!

These Braxton Hicks are killing me! I know that's what it is, because it starts up while I'm doing my routine at work, and stops after I sit down and put my feet up. Also, I can feel my uterus tightnening when it happens. I remember having them last time, except not in the area of my abdomen where they are now, and certainly not this sharp and stabbing-like..... Holy crap!

Either that, or I have a bladder infection or something similar.

Not to worry, a call will be placed with my doctor's office, as soon as they came back from lunch, around 12:30 or so. I would have called earlier, but I didn't think about the bladder possibility, until after they had already transferred their phones to the answering service, so now I can't get through to someone who actually knows something about pregnancy (although bless those answering service operators, they're always so nice when I don't stop to realize that it's lunch time).

The pains have stopped for now, and I will call Roberta's office again after lunch. An update will be posted after that. Also, I will be taking it easy and drinking plenty of water until then. Hopefully, it's BH contractions, and all is well. Hope it's not an infection. Those suckers hurt!!!

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London Belle said...

You confuse me. :P