Apr 30, 2009

Pig flu

Crap, people in Madison have THE FLU. Maybe it's swine flu. I know! Let's close schools and cancel athletics for several days! Their parents are still going to go to work. If THE FLU is being spread, their parents can give it to other parents at work, who will take it home to their kids, so it'll be in schools from Scottsboro to Florence soon! YAY! While there's fifty of use here all day, every day, passing plague and who knows what else around. I swear, if anyone gives me ANY kind of flu (or cold), I will seriously injure them!!!!

You've all been warned!!!

I wonder if Chris is still playing baseball today, or if that's cancelled, since the state cancelled ALL high school athletics for the next few days. Wonder if that applies to little kids, too?

Uh-oh, someone just coughed. I have to go find a can of Lysol now and spray everything within my reach. And rub myself from head to toe with Germ-X AND Purell.

Just kidding. For now.

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