Apr 2, 2009

To-Do list update... AKA post #40

Since I haven't marked anything off my list in a little while, I thought I would post an update. I hate that it looks like I haven't been working on it any. So, without further babbling:

1.) I tried to purchase a few maternity items that actually fit me. The shirts fit, the pants were all too big. Ao I packed the pants back up, and shipped them back to Old Navy for them to exchange for smaller sizes. I have been working toward this item, but I don't feel I can officially cross it off my list until I have both pants and shirts that fit. At least a few of each for now. I'm not buying an entire wardrobe of stuff that will fit me now, because it probably won't fit in a month or so.... I digress.....

2.) I have been slowly clearing stuff off my old desktop computer. It is a slow process because it takes so long to burn a CD from that computer, coupled with the fact that I have limited time to work on this. But I am slowly making headway on this. I guess that's all that matters in the end, right? Again, not marking off until completely finished.

3.) I have begun cleaning out kitchen cabinets. The food cabinets have been done, although not inventoried. I still have the cabinets full of dishes to do, as well as all my drawers in the kitchen, and the tops of my cabinets. Same story as with the computer. Limited time, but making some progress.

4.) I have somewhat updated my calendar, but since this is always gonna be an ongoing thing, I choose to not mark it off the list.

5.) I have made just a little progress under the bathroom sink. I moved all our bottles of body wash, shampoo, conditioner, etc. to the front of the cabinet, and put things like my bath jet thingy and baskets of "stuff" in the back. Again, not completely done, so not marked off. But progress.

6.) I have submitted paperwork for filing on last year's HCSA, as well as some of this year's prenatal appointments (I could not find one co-pay receipt from this calendar year, so it has not been submitted). This hasn't been marked off, because I have not received approval and reimbursement yet. If the one charge from last year's funds hasn't been approved by close of business Friday, I am planning on submitting other charges from 2008 to ensure I receive all $17 and some cents left in my account for last year. The federal government will NOT steal my $17 ad some cents from me, by golly! Not if I can help it!

So, six more items that I have worked on at least a little bit. Better than nothing. Too bad I didn't have my registry down as a to-do. I could actually mark something off. Oh, well, baby steps. Some progress is better than none at all.

Maybe before the outage starts, I can mark these items off my list. I would feel better if I could. I know during the outage not much will get done that doesn't have to be done by me. Clean clothes for work, doctors appointments kept, and groceries bought is about all anyone can expect out of me then. If they expect much more, they will be sadly disappointed. :)

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