Apr 30, 2009

32 week belly pics

I realized it's been a while since I have posted any pics anywhere of my ginormous (and still growing) belly. Here you have it. I am exactly 32 weeks today. I went at lunch time and took these in the bathroom mirror at work. It worked out well, considering I wore a navy blue shirt and black belly band, which makes me look more slender. ;)

32 Week belly 32 Week belly

After I took these two pics, I went outside to email them to myself and promptly sat in water on the bench I chose. Then I called my husband to harass say hi to him. Then, on my way back inside, some random guy remarked to his buddy walking with him that "Her water broke!" Men. {sigh} So smart. I know I look big, but I really hope my water doesn't break eight weeks before I'm due! And if they think I look big now, wait another month and see what they think!!! :)


Helen H David said...

Hahaha. Men. I just have to laugh!!

Eight more weeks! *sigh* I can't wait!!!

Get some rest. Or as your GM said to me in an email this morning:
Get some sleep now.

Love you. <3

Patricia said...

I plan on getting sleep beginning at 8PM tonight, until 5AM tomorrow. Minus the time I'm awake to run to the bathroom, or lying there with RLS, etc. Thankfully, no leg cramps yet, just RLS.

Rebecca said...

Umm...are you going shopping Monday? If so, stop by Jody's and let me give you the present I bought you! :)

Did I ever send you the belly pic I took? If not let me know and I'll email it to you.