Apr 26, 2009

Menu, April 27-May 10

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Now that the initial MPM disclaimer is over..... :)

So, I've had problems with dinner lately. Mainly, I left the guys in charge. Since they're guys, dinner is never decided on or started until I get home. {Cue huge eye roll. Men.}

Since they can not decide anything (admittedly, this is probably mainly to avoid making me mad)I have laid out a plan for the next two weeks. It includes two meals a week prepared by me, and the rest are made by them. My list includes cooking directions, and instructions to put insert name of frozen meat, veggie, etc in the fridge to thaw for tomorrow night's dinner, total approximate time they should allow for dinner prep AND cooking, and such. Surely between the four of them they can manage, right?????

So, without further ado, my menu plan for the next two weeks.

Monday, April 27 (Trisha cooking)

Mini Meatloaves
Broccoli & Cheese
Mashed Potatoes
Shells & Cheese

Tuesday, April 28
Garlic bread

Wednesday, April 29
Baked Potato Bar
Broccoli & Cheese

Thursday, April 30
Tater Tot Casserole

Friday, May 1
Corn Dogs
French Fries

Saturday, May 2
Hobo Dinner

Sunday, May 3 (grill)
Cube steaks with gravy
Mashed potatoes
Shells and cheese
Whole kernel corn
BBQ bread

Monday, May 4 (Trisha to cook)
Lemon Pepper Chicken
Baked Potatoes
Shells & Cheese
Texas Toast

Tuesday, May 5
Shake N Bake pork chops
Chicken flavored rice
Mashed potatoes
Green beans

Wednesday, May 6
Sub sandwiches

Thursday, May 7
Sausage Bread

Friday, May 8
BBQ Chicken
Mashed potatoes
Shells & Cheese
Baked Beans

Saturday, May 9
Beef stew
Grilled Cheese

Sunday, May 10
Chili Dogs
French Fries

I am working on posting the recipes for these. I would just copy and paste my instructions I'm leaving the guys, but since some of the prep will be done ahead of time, and there aren't any measurements included in their instructions (other than one can of this, one zipper bag of that, etc.), it won't do anyone else any good.

And now for a pat on my back and a toot of my own horn.... Not only did I make a menu for the next two weeks. Not only did I make and print a grocery list, organized by store aisle, for this menu. I have begun planning the next menu after this one!!!


Melissa said...

You are much more organized than I! I make a menu plan, but only for one week at a time, and no instructions for anyone else to cook. Sounds like a great plan, though!

Patricia said...

Why, thank you. I am currently 32 weeks pregnant, working 6 days a a week, 12.5 hours a day. If someone else didn't cook those 6 days, I'd eat cereal or a cheapie frozen pizza or a sandwich, take a shower, and call it bed time. If they wanna eat, they have to cook. That simple. Usually when I'm working a more normal (36-48 hours a week) schedule, we swap up cooking. But when I'm this tired after work, and need my extra rest to finish making baby, then they gotta cook for all of us. There's four of them and one of me, seems fair to me.

The two weeks is because I get paid every two weeks, so grocery shopping is done two weeks at a time. Also, right now in my pregnancy, I go to the doctor for check-ups every two weeks. So on my one day off, I either go to the doctor or to the grocery store, but not both. Leaves me some time each week to rest on my one day off and not spend all day in town.