Apr 30, 2009

Recipes for menu plan, April 27 - May 10

As promised, I am working on recipes for the menu I posted. I will post each of these separately, so I can link to them in future menu plans. So, expect a lot of posts from me today until???

(I have nothing better to do, as I'm stuck at work and trying to avoid doing too much today. Sounds lazy, but the ligaments in my stomach hurt yesterday and this morning from all the walking I did yesterday while I was here, so I'm trying to not push it today. I'm not hurting right now {knock on wood}, and I sure don't want to start. So I'll be taking up time on the computer this afternoon, hopefully.)

Updated at 5:30 CST
OK, I have posted a few of my recipes, and linked them to my original menu post. I'll finish the rest later. It's almost time to go home! I still am going to post:
Lemon Pepper Chicken
BBQ Chicken
Beef Stew

I would post my recipe for lasagna, cube steaks, pork chops, and garlic bread, but the lasagna was frozen Wal-mart brand, the pork chops will be shake-n-baked, the cube steaks will be fried as-is (with a little worcestershire and water for marinade) and covered in a white flour gravy made from a package, and the ComputerGenius made the garlic bread. One day, I will post these too. But I couldn't expect the guys to cook my lasagna from scratch, etc. I'm lucky they're cooking the things they are. I tried to go easy on them, one night of real cooking and then one of heating something. So far it's working out pretty well. Last night I had to make the cheese sauce for the broccoli. Poor ComputerGenius burned the batch he made (Velveeta and milk). He forgot to stir it for too long. :) He cooks like me!

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