Apr 26, 2009

Grocery Shopping for April 27-May 10

This is not a full grocery list, as I've not been shopping yet. I still have to check my freezer and pantry for items we already have that I don't need more of. I also need to give my list a second glance, to make sure I haven't forgotten anything. This is simply a plan of where I will buy some of the items I will need.

Piggly Wiggly has several items on sale that I'll need. PW brand milk is $2.59 a gallon!!! I can't believe my good luck. A few weeks agon, it was that cheap, and after I got home and two gallons were gone in a week, I kicked myself for not buying more and freezing it. This week, if I have room in my freezers, I plan on buying two gallons for the fridge and one to freeze.

The Pig also has ground chuck for $1.79/lb; boneless pork loin (2 per pack) for $1.97/lb.; family pack of chicken leg quarters for $0.69/lb.; certain varieties of apples for $1.99/3-lb. bag; and red globe or black seedless graped $0.99/lb.

A full list of Piggly Wiggly sales items for the Athens area this week, along with other sales prices for other stores, can be found at Two Thrifty Sisters.

I'll update once I go shopping tomorrow.

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Two Thrifty Sisters said...

Thanks for linking to our blog for your Pig list! Glad you were able to do so well on your shopping trip. It's pretty gratifying to see that savings on the bottom of the receipt, isn't it?
Good luck with your new baby!