Nov 1, 2008

SO, boredom at work leads me to you now....

First, a big welcome to my sis, who finally gave in and joined our mother and myself in the world of blogging. My mother blogs so much, she has 5 (yes, five!!!!) blogs.

Now on to bigger, more important information: my pregnancy update. I was 6 weeks yesterday. Today I am 6 weeks and 1 day. I'm a fat cow. LOL. No, really. Wait until you see my weight as of yesterday at the end of the post. (No fair peeking ahead!) My back hurt so bad last night that I couldn't sleep. I am so tired, I'm ready to resort to taking naps at work (not quite, but almost!). I am physically exhausted when I wake up in the mornings. I sleep 8+ hours at night, but when I wake up I feel like I haven't been to bed at all. And I actually do sleep through most of those 8+ hours. The past few nights I haven't even gotten up to go to the bathroom. Needless to say, I am SO glad I get an extra hour to sleep tonight. Now if we can just get to bed on time.

I am so excited. Our first prenatal appointment is next Thursday. Hopefully, I'll be far enough along to see a heartbeat. And maybe there's only one baby there. I don't know if it's paranoia or mother's (and father's) intuition, but for some reason we both think there really might be two in there. You can already SEE the difference my weight gain has made, more so than those few pounds should be showing. Either that, or I'm farther along than we think. Or I'm just a fat cow. LOL. I have to stop this weight gain now, or else I'm going to end up gaining too much before next summer. I'm on course to gain 35-45 pounds EASILY over the course of this pregnancy. And that's only if my weight gain stays close to what it is now per week. That's not counting the fact that you usually put on more weight during the second trimester, and the first half or the third trimester. People at work can tell that I've already started gaining weight. The pants I bought a month ago that were too big FIT ME NOW! And my almost brand new bra that I got two months ago? KILLING me right now. I can barely get it on without my boobs looking like I duct taped them. The band is thisclose *making thisclose gesture with my thumb and index finger* to digging into my skin, or should I say fat. I've already told my dear hubby to be ready to go by Walmart after our doctor's appointment next Thursday for me to get a couple of new bras to do me until I outgrow those, too. Thank God I get to wear scrubs to work. They have drawstring waistbands, so I should fit in those for a while. I don't know what I would do if I were already outgrowing my work clothes.

I should have an ultrasound picture to post next Thursday. Will also email it to family members and close friends, so all can see. Michael's sister, who is due in February, told me that the doctor I'm using (she uses the same one, based on my recommendation) does DVDs now of your ultrasounds. I'm planning on taking a DVD-R and a videotape, just in case. I'd rather have a DVD. I may be able to rip it and post it to the internet somewhere for everyone's viewing pleasure. Maybe email it? I'd post it to YouTube, but then I can't cover up my name, etc. on the ultrasound. Mommy/Sissy, any other video sites you know of? I can't post a private YouTube video, can I? I don't think that's possible. I'll have to figure something out. Don't want to have to email it to everyone, but I will if I have to.

And now, the best news of the day: my little brother will be home in 3 (yes, THREE!!!!!!) days!!!! YAY!!!!

Morning weight (forgot to weigh Thursday, so weighed Friday instead): 148.4
Total weight gain so far: 3.8 pounds (in 18 days?!?! are you KIDDING me? can we say COW?!?!?!)


London Belle said...

First off--I've had blogs before, just no one I ever knew had one too, so I quit them because there was no purpose to them. & I've always used my Myspace blog.

Secondly--you're NOT fat & you're NOT a cow. Gah, gain some self-esteem.

Thirdly--if you DO have twins, I kinda hope it's a girl AND a boy. cute. If not, then two identical girls. Actually, I might like that best. :)

& fourthly--I LOVE YOU & I can't WAIT until I can see you! Kathie may be doing Turkey Day dinner. Either her or one of Hiram's sisters or something like that, so if you're not going to TN with the hubby's parents, you should come with us! :) I hope Kathie does it because I wanna hang out in the new house!


&btw; get aim if you can. That way, I can talk to you :)

Patricia said...

First off, I know you use your MySpace blog, but that isn't a REAL blog like blogger, so it doesn't count.

Secondly - I am getting kinda big for me to only be 6 weeks pregnant. So there! I was exaggerating when I said cow, but still. There's no way less than 4 pounds should look like this on me.

Thirdly - I want a boy and a girl if it's twins. Or twin girls. But I think I'd rather one of each. Except that my husband has threatened vasectomy before I give birth if it's twins, so....

Fourthly - I love you too! I don't know what we're doing for Turkey Day. If I don't feel good, I may stay in bed all day sleeping. And I like Kathie's new house. It's really pretty. And what surprised me the most is, Hiram picked out all the paint colors, and they look SO GOOD!

ILY! <3

& btw, if I had AIM, I'd never have time to get on an talk, so it would be a waste of computer memory/space. :)

London Belle said...

First off -- I had a xanga for like a year & the links were on my myspace & the only person who ever went to it was Curt because he was stalking me. BTW; can you talk at work? If not, I'll just tell you my shocking news...

Secondly--you CAN set videos to private on youtube. Here's what the help section says on it:

Hope I see evidence of my niece(s) and/or nephew(s) soon. :)

Wait--if you have a boy & a girl, does that mean I'll be an aunt AND an uncle?! ;)


Patricia said...

What is your shocking news? Emai lme at my work email if you must, but TELL ME!!!