Nov 1, 2008

More pregnancy update

Also, nausea (what little I've had of it) sucks! I was nauseated last thursday, so I spent my entire only day off feeling like warmed up crap. Now today I've been nauseated on and off all freaking day. Ugh! Last time I was pregnant, I was NEVER nauseated. Why can't every pregnancy be like that?

And I have acne. I rarely had bad acne as a teenager, but now both cheeks are covered in tiny pimples. It feels almost like sandpaper with all teh little bumps.....


London Belle said...

Eat crakers :P

But DON'T eat fried bologna sandwhiches; don't even get near one! Ooh, that does sound good right about now though--to me, at least :)

Patricia said...

Not nauseated enough for crackers.

And no thank you. Thanks to my last pregnancy, I still can't even smell bologna, cooking or not..... Yuck. And I hate that, because I used to LOVE fried bologna sandwiches.... :(