Nov 2, 2008

Update for 11/2 - Oh Crappy Day!

9:07 AM
I still feel nauseated every time I eat. And that extra hour of sleep last night didn't help. I read somewhere that a pregnant woman laying on a couch watching television burns more calories and expends more energy than a man at the gym doing bodybuilding workouts. It must be true, because I'm exhausted.

My sinuses are killing me. It is making my head hurt. And my neck. I want a nap so bad right now..... Stupid job, stupid work. Interfering with my ability to nap all day.....

3:34 PM
I feel a little better. Not as nauseated. My sinus have loosened a little. That has lead to my neck and head not hurting anymore. (For now.) Still want a nap. I've already told Michael that dinner will be frozen pizza or corn dogs, I don't care which as long as I don't have to cook for more than 10 or 15 minutes when I get home. Then it'll be a shower, and bed.

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Helen H. David said...

Sorry you are so tired and nauseated. Hopefully it will be better soon. I love you, all of you. You are beautiful.