Oct 25, 2008

Pregnancy Update - 5 weeks 2 days

No nausea the last two days! Yay for me! Maybe Thursday was a fluke, maybe I ate something Wednesday that didn't make my stomach happy the next day. I'm gonna say it probably wasn't undercooked meat, because that don't fly with me. I'm a "steak, well-done" type of girl.


London Belle said...

I think it was just because you forgot my mail at home when you went to Granny's & it made you sick to your stomach. Because then I had to drive allll the way out to your house to get it. :P


Helen H. David said...

Yea! Glad you're feeling better!

Donna@The Frugal Mom Blog said...

Good Luck with your pregnancy! I"tagged" you om The Frugal Mom Blog! Have a great day!! Click on my name to find out more!

savvysuzie said...

You've been boo'ed! See my site for details :)
Happy Halloween!