Oct 24, 2008

Pregnancy Update - 5 weeks 1 day

Yesterday was my one day off this week. It was a milestone day for my pregnancy. I reached 5 weeks yesterday. I woke up nauseated and stayed that way for almost the entire day. (Not nauseated today, thank goodness.) I realized my first appointment with Roberta is two weeks from yesterday. I weighed yesterday. 147.8 pounds.

I went to Granny and Granddaddy's yesterday. They told me my brother may be home November 4, two days before my first appointment. That's really good news. Maybe he'll actually get to come home that day. Then he'll be home to hear the good news after my appointment. (He already knows I'm pregnant, I mean the good news from my appointment.) Maybe I can upload an ultrasound video afterwards. Or at least pictures. My doctor usually does an ultrasound at almost every visit.

Total pregnancy weight gain: 3.2 pounds

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Helen H. David said...

Hope you feel better. Sorry to hear about the nausea. And it's a done deal as far as your brother coming home, unless he decides otherwise (you know what I mean). Love you. Momma :-*