Oct 15, 2008

Good news in my house...

I found out Monday that I am expecting. Michael and I are thrilled. I found out two days after his birthday. I'll be due in June sometime. My first prenatal appointment is November 6 at 10 AM. Last time (nine years ago) she did an ultrasound at every appointment. Maybe she will this time, too.

I have to say, I don't FEEL very pregnant. None of the usual symptoms. I've been so hungry the last week, that's about it. I gained 1 1/2 pounds yesterday (no kidding!) but surely some of that is water retention or something.... Although I did eat five (yes, five) times yesterday.....

The only reason I tested when I did was so I could say that I had to wait a few more days for my period to show. I tested on the earliest day possible, for some reason.

Guess Michael's gonna have to put up the swimming pool as soon as it gets warm enough next spring. Being in the third trimester in the summer in Alabama will not be fun. I think I'll have him put it where it'll be shaded in the afternoon. To minimize the sunburn and heat while I float around in it.

And of course, while we will be happy no matter what, I would prefer a girl and Michael is hoping for a boy. For a girl, I'm thinking either Winnie the Pooh (complete with murals painted on the wall) or blue-and-brown nursery:
(bed set and accessories by Amy Coe for Babies R Us).

For a boy, an Alabama crimson-and-white room. I'll hang my mom's autographed picture of THE BEAR in it, too.

Any thoughts from anyone?


Helen H. David said...

You know me. Winnie all the way!

Donna@The Frugal Mom Blog said...

I love the blue and brown combination! Our Nursery still has Winnie The Pooh on it. We did the classic Pooh and did half the wall green and the other half blue. Good luck doing your nursery!