Sep 30, 2008

Chris's football update

So far, 0-2 on the season. We lost to the Athens 2 (they have several teams, so many kids in this age range signed up for an Athens team). But my baby made a tackle, and his mom said you could hear me cheering halfway down the field, above everyone else's cheers.

I had to work Saturday, but I am told they lost that game, too.

But I have confidence in our kids on the team. And even if they lose every game this season, as long as they had a good time, that's all that matters.

Some parents irk my last tater. They act like it isn't good enough for their kid to try to do their best on the field, be it baseball, basketball, whatever they do. As long as Chris does his best, I don't care if he never wins a single game, as long as he had fun doing it. He's 10 years old. It's not like full scholarships to college are riding on how he does this week on the football or baseball field. And he's still so young, he's only just now learning how to play these sports. He will improve with time, and if he doesn't, at the end of the day all that matters is that he tried his best and he was happy doing it.

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