Sep 15, 2008

Messed up schedule...

So, work messed with my schedule. Due to some people going into license training, and others going to a dayshift-only tagging team, I am being moved from Group 1 to Group 3. I worked Friday night, took off Saturday night to go to Chris's two (jamboree) football games Saturday, and worked Sunday night. I will be off Moday. I have to work Tuesday through Thursday, dayshift.

I still have to redo my work schedule calendar that I gave everyone. Momma, do you know if I can share a Google calendar or something like it with people? It would be easier for you, Becki, Granddaddy, and Grandmother to know my schedule if I could. At least, it would be easier for you and Becki. I don't think anyone ever looks at the paper schedules I printed everybody. If I can't share it, I'll just make and print new ones I guess.

Now on to the important topic of football. Bama won big time (ROLL TIDE). Auburn beat Mississippi State 3-2 (better luck next time to the Dawgs).
As for Chris and his team:
1st game, vs. Elkmont - won 12-7
2nd game, vs. East 2 - lost 16-0

Found a new website, She does Menu Plan Monday, where a bunch of bloggers post the coming week's menu on her site each Monday, sometimes including recipes and grocery lists. Last week, 351 people posted their menu. Today, 162 people have already posted, since around 3:00 yesterday afternoon. Maybe it will give me ideas. I have run out of new foods that I can actually get Michael and Bobby to both eat, and I'm tired of eating the same stuff over and over. At least they both LOVE Hobo dinner. They request that almost every week.

I'm tired, and I'm glad it's almost time to go home and sleep a few hours.


Helen H. David said...

I have Google calendar. I'll try to find out if it can be shared. Sorry your schedule is so messed up. I'll check out the recipes. Sounds like you should be able to find something there both guys will eat. Love you. Momma

Helen H. David said...

My Google calendar has the option to add others people's calenders by url, email address, or to import it. The only thing is they will have to have Google calendar and gmail. You can also post it to your blog, but I don't want to do that because mine have enough crap on it already, and that makes the calendar public. So you can share your calendar, and if your schedule changes, we will get the updates. The other schedule was a little confusing. I couldn't figure it out. lol
Love you,