May 1, 2009

The irony of my life......

I go to a blog I read to see her update, and I see this:

Oh, the irony.

If anyone is interested, the link from this ad is:
Celiac Central

I tried it. It basically asks if you have any of the more common symptoms, or have deen diagnosed with certain conditions, and if you have an immediate family member diagnosed with a condition like Celiac. It then provides a printable copy of the form, with suggestions for talking to your doctor. It offers no opinion on if you are likely to have a disease like Celiac, saying only that "multiple symptoms" may indicate a need for testing.


Helen H David said...

Whose blog? You know I'm following Celiacs.
Did you take the test?

Patricia said...

I don't remember. It was an ad on their blog, not something they had posted about.

I took the test. Like I said in my post, after the test all it says is to print out a copy of your answers and talk to your doctor if you have several of the symptoms.

Really, it's just a "doctor discussion tool" like the ads you see in magazines.

Helen H David said...

Yeah, I know what it is. And I read your post. And usually people's ads are customized.
Anyway, have a good day.