Dec 14, 2008

Update, December 14

OK, so I'm now in my third month. I am tweleve weeks and 3 days today. My next doctor's appointment is January 6 at 10:30.

My mom remembers having an ultrasound at three months with my little brother, and we found out he was a "he" then. I don't think my doctor is doing another ultrasound until February. I will be sure to take a DVD-R just in case.

I have finally gotten to the point where some of my jeans are too tight to wear when they're buttoned and zipped. So today I ordered a belly band from I ordered it this morning, and I've already received a shipment email! And today's Sunday! Talk about fast service. I got the Mommy+Daddy=Me band. So cute! I thought I'd get just one for now, to see if I like them before I buy a lot of them.

Got my husband a Wii for Christmas. He got me a laptop. Everyone's happy. Got Chris Guitar Hero 3 (Legends of Rock) for the Wii. He doesn't know yet. He found out yesterday that Daddy has a Wii, and now he has informed us that he needs us to get him Guitar Hero 3 for it. So we did good there!

Gotta get back to work!

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London Belle said...

I'm EXCITED! I keep finding myself in the infant section at work. Hmm... Haha.

I miss my sissyyy. Come see meeee :)