Oct 1, 2009

Totally awesome....

I was reading all the 500+ posts on my Google reader (been a week or two, ya know) and found this:

Flash mob at Oprah - courtesy of V at Not Even A T-shirt

Apparently, when the Black Eyed Peas did the Oprah show last month, the entire crowd did the Flash dance to "I Gotta Feelin'". How awesome is that?

So visit her blog and check out the video she posted. I'm too lazy to do it myself.

Besides, I'm posting single-handedly (literally) with the babe attached to my boob. You're welcome very much for that bit o' info. (Sissy tells me quite often that I tend to over-share when it comes to bodily functions and other tidbits of TMI.)

Oh, and a baby-update post forthcoming sometime in the future. Short version: still teething, rolling from belly to back every once in a while, rolling from back to belly (on the bed, if you're laying beside him to create a dip in the mattress), and can sit if supported.

Also, we somehow kept Chris' flu from spreading to any of us.

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notevenatshirt vb said...

Here's to keeping that flu bug away!!! Woot woot! :)