Sep 14, 2009

O...M...G... (it's the flu!)

Cue lame '70s horror flick music.

Chris spent all weekend at our house, per the usual. Yesterday, as I'm getting ready to go to work, Cindy and Eric come over to cook dinner for Michael and take Chris home. She kissed him on the head and he felt like he was burning up with fever. We checked, and it was 100.2. The we checked the baby, who felt fine 30 minutes before but was by then feeling warm, and he had a fever. Then we checked Aaron, who mentioned he didn't feel well. Guess what? He had a fever.

So I called work and told them I wouldn't be coming last night. We ate and they took Chris home. He went to the doctor today. Type A influenza. Great. Oh, goody. So I called work and they told me to stay home and not risk getting all my co-workers sick. So I'm on family sick leave tonight, too.

We have to take our little man to the pedatrician tomorrow afternoon. If he gets a high fever, we'll go to the ER. Aaron has an appointment at 3:00. He's on his way there now.

I've already told Momma about the outbreak at my house. She was just here yesterday, but left bfore we discovered everyone was sick. Chris spent Friday afternoon at a friend's house, so we called them to let them know. The friend's mom is pregnant, so I felt she really needed to know to be on the lookout for symptoms.

Much joy here. Everyone stay away for the next week.

I don't feel so well, either. No fever so far. Just feel blah. Not sure if I'm projecting the kids being sick on myself, or maybe it's just me coming off night shift. Hopefully I'm not sick, too.

Now for a bit of sunshine peeking through the flu fog: my milk supply is a little better. I'm still seriously considering fenugreek, though. We'll see.

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