Jun 9, 2009

Update from today's doctor's visit

Nothing. Next Thursday we'll talk about options for induction dates if I've not delivered yet. Yay. I do have a slight backache coming and going, so there is a glimmer of hope. I didn't even have her check me for dilation today. Not worth the cramping after the internal exam to possibly hear "nothing happening". So no idea if I'm getting closer or not. I figure I'll know when contractions start. There;'s really no way to know when, even if I know I'm beginning to dilate, so why bother?

In other news, my SIL will have her c-section Friday morning at 7AM if she's not delivered by then.

I took my brother $40 today. I woke up at 3AM dreaming about him. Then, at 7:30 when my alarm woke us up for our doctor appointment, I woke up dreaming about Daddy. Little sleep was had last night. I took a 3-hour nap this evening.

I'm off to convince my husband that we need to find a place in Athens to get a big salad with everything in it (cukes, ham, bacon, maters, cheese.... everything.)


Noor said...

Hey when you say Athens do you mean in TN? I am from Spring City, TN. I live on the other side of the world now though.

Patricia said...

No, I mean Athens, AL. Not too terribly far from Athens, TN. I was born and raised here in Athens, AL. This is also where I choose to raise my children. God willing, they will graduate from the same school Mommy and their Aunt Becki graduated from, along with several of our cousins.